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Last update: december 2020



International Geographical Union

Union Geographique Internationale

Study Group "Global Change and Human Mobility"


Chair's greeting

Dear colleagues

We are delighted to continue with the programme of the International Geographical Union (IGU)  Study Group on Global Change and Human Mobility.  

As you may know, during the last 32nd International Geographical Congress in Cologne, and after twelve years of mandate, Professors Armando Montanari and Yoshitaka Ishikawa decided to step down of the Presidency and Secretary of Globility, respectively. They are responsible for the successful start-up and consolidation of a Commission specialized in international mobility, as a key element in the current social and economic transformations. Their achievement can be seen from the large numbers of current members, as well as from the dynamism of Globility during all these years.  Armando and Yoshi will become part of the Steering Committee and will remain active members of the Commission.  

I was introduced to Globility back in 2003 in Majorca by Professor Pere Salvá, who has also been a great supporter of the Commission. I immediately felt in tune with its members and line of research,  which suited my profile perfectly: the mobility in its broadest term and the global changes that drive our behaviour. Since that 6th meeting of Globility, I have tried to assist and participate actively in as many summits as possible: Glasgow 2004, Pescara 2005, Hong Kong 2007, Las Palmas-Spain 2009  (which I promoted and organized as a host), and finally Santiago de Chile 2011.  

Armando and Yoshi have done a great job by encouraging not only official conferences every four years but also additional ones at least once per year. Several publications have come out from these meetings (especially in the Croatian Journal Migration and Ethnic Themes, in the Belgium Journal  Belgeo and in the Japanese Geographical review series B), and advanced technology such as streaming live has provided more diffusion to the conferences.  

 You will be wondering, what is going to happen now?  

First of all, I will be assuming office from 2012 to 2016, and will be supported by Barbara  Staniscia, a bright young researcher and a loyal follower of the Commission. Her progress during the last few years is outstanding and she is more than prepared for her upcoming responsibilities. At the  same time, she will be able to manage and give continuance to the website and electronic resources that Yoshi successfully started.  

Secondly, I want to convey my motivation and determination to succeed in my new role despite the current economic situation. You could think that this is not the best time for two women from severely affected countries to take on the leadership of Globility. But this is actually our challenge:  to demonstrate that Geography can overcome difficult times and that with the right dose of work and effort, we can help science and research beat the financial markets.  

Lastly, we are assuming this role because we believe global change and human mobility are two extremely important aspects of geographical science. Two fields in which the most valuable assets of  Globility – its members have specialized. We are counting on all of you, and on any other researcher interested in these subjects, to help us consolidate the scientific knowledge in the immediate future.

Yours sincerely,
Josefina Domínguez-Mujica