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Study Group "Global Change and Human Mobility"

Groupe de Recherche "Les échanges mondiaux et la mobilité des populations"  

Grupo de investigación "Cambio Global y Movilidad Humana"


Chair's greeting

Dear colleagues

Together with Barbara Staniscia, Scientific Secretary, I am delighted to continue in my role of Chairperson with the programme of the International Geographical Union (IGU) Commission on Global Change and Human Mobility (Globility) during the next term (2016-2020).  

During the last 33nd International Geographical Congress in Beijing, and after four years of mandate, we have decided to accept the invitation of many of you to continue with our action as Secretary and Chair, respectively. In the former term (2012-2016) we have been responsible for the consolidation of a Commission created in the year 2000 by Prof. Armando Montanari (Chairperson) from Sapienza University of Rome and by Prof. Yoshitaka Ishikawa (Scientific Secretary) from Kyoto University and successfully strengthened in a period of twelve years (2000-2012).

This Study Group is specialized in international mobility, as a key element in the current social and economic world changes. The achievements of the Commission are witnessed by the large number of current members (172), as well as by the numerous conferences, workshops, and publications promoted by Globility during the past years (2000-2016).

The Steering Committee of the Commission has been renewed. It involves scientists – with a gender balance – from Africa, America, Asia and Europe, focused on the topic of Global Change and Human Mobility, who have been actively supporting the different meetings and initiatives promoted by the Commission, and who have actively collaborated in the recent publication of a volume under Springer series on Advances in Geographical and Environmental Sciences with the homonymous title: Global Change and Human Mobility (2016). 

With their collaboration, we are taking the responsibility from 2016 to 2020, and we want to convey our motivation and determination to succeed in the new stage confirming that global change and human mobility are two extremely important aspects of geographical science. Two fields in which the most valuable assets of Globility – its members – are specialized. We are counting on all of you, and on any other researcher interested in these subjects, to help us to consolidate the scientific knowledge in the next future.

Yours sincerely,
Josefina Domínguez-Mujica