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V. Publications and Meetings

   As the themes to be investigated require the integration of a broad range of geographical approaches, a sufficiently flexible management system is required, one, therefore, capable of expanding the scientific applications of Geography both within and outside the Study Group. The Study Group will, then, operate around four research themes which will be more generally reflected upon in the course of the Symposia - to be organised annually over the course of the four years - and which may also be the occasion for stimulating more profound investigation and consideration in the meetings of smaller work groups. Each Symposium will have a principal reference theme which will be widely and fully discussed during the main sessions. However, depending upon requirements, sessions may also be organised on problems, discussion of which may prove useful in preparation for later Symposia. The four themes indicated above are proposed for the four principal Symposia.

   An attempt will be made to publish the results of the 4 Conferences either in book form or in special issues of professional journals. 



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