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Last update: december 2022


The postponed International Geographical Union 34th Congress: “Geography: Bridging the Continents” in Istanbul, 16-20 August 2021

The International Geographical Union in collaboration with the Istanbul University and the Turkish Geographical Society organizes the 34th International Congress. The Global Change and Human Mobility (Globility) Commission organizes the following own sessions:

  1. Environmental risks, resilience, and human mobility.
  2. Human mobility and identities into play. Belonging and transnationalism.
  3. Human mobility and regional disparities: patterns of migration from a comparative perspective.
  4. Human mobility at a time of digital culture and technology.
  5. The human mobility career: circular, onward, and return migration.
  6. The role of human mobility dealing with violence and conflicts.

For detailed information about the sessions, please visit the Call for Papers:

A joint session with the Commission on Tourism, Leisure and Global Change

  1. International tourism and residential mobilities: global and local perspectives.

For detailed information about this session, please visit the Call for Papers:,%20LEISURE%20AND%20GLOBAL%20CHANGE.html

And a COVID-19 session on the linkages between pandemic and the human mobility

  1. Human mobility in times of pandemic is going local?

For detailed information about this session, please visit the Call for Papers: