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Seoul meeting - Aug 2000


Armando Montanari, Chairman

   Before the Seoul Congress I circulated a letter to about 700 geographical institutions in all the world countries excluding Mozambique, Portugal, USA, Australia Russia, Brazil, Japan, UK, Korea, Italy and Israel informing on the launching of the new Study Group. I had the possibility to meet some of the interested people when I was in Seoul and I am still receiving request for further information. I’ll keep you informed on the results of these contacts. For instance I discussed with Bertha K.Becker the participation of a Brazilian colleague in our Full Members Group since I lost any possibility of communication with Heinz Dieter Hedermann.

   I met also the chairman of several other Study Groups and Commissions who could be interested in co-operating with us. I found Michael Hall, President, and Alan A.Lew, Secretary, of the Study Group on the Geography of Sustainable Tourism and Vladimir Kolossov, President of the IGU Commission on the Geography of Sustainable Tourism, interested in our Study Group Programme.

   On August 17 we had a preliminary meeting of our Study Group in Seoul to discuss the programme of a possible first conference during the year 2001. John Connel and Yoshitaka Ishikawa, Full members; Christian Vandermotten, Corresponding member; Michael Hall, Alan A.Lew, and Vladimir Kolossov, from other Study Groups and Commissions, and a young colleague from Hungary. Many other people were interested in the Study Group but they could participate for the overlapping with other activities.


   Together with John and Yoshitaka we presented the programme of the Study Group and we considered the following issues:

1. The WEB site of the Study Group.

  I asked Yoshitaka Ishikawa, University of Kyoto, to consider the possibility of opening a Web Site in Kyoto and to prepare a Newsletter on-line. He will inform us on his possibilities.


2. A logo of the Study Group

   A decision was not taken but Yoshitaka Ishikawa could make a proposal within the preparation of the Web Site. A migratory bird could be an obvious reference.


3. An Acronym of the Study Group

   We were not sure of the necessity of an Acronym but in the case could be GLOBILITY acceptable?


4. The First Conference of the Study Group.

   I offered the possibility of organising it in Italy also for the necessity, at least the first time, to cover some of the costs for those coming from countries were these kinds of support are not available. I propose to have the conference in Pescara (it can be reached directly by plane or using the Rome airport and than 2-3 hours by bus) where I can find more support than in Rome. We considered the necessity of organising the meeting as soon as possible next Spring during the Easter holidays (April 19-20, 2001) to meet the necessities of those coming from far countries. The issue for the first conference will be the Theme 2, since the Theme 1, on definitions, will be better considered later on. Please find a draft programme we would like to circulate during September. I’ll wait for your comments before doing it. I indicated a title which was proposed during the meeting replacing “macroeconomic regions between migrations and tourism” or “mobility, regions and places” or “macro-economic regions and mobility flows” which could be used as subtitles.