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Last update: december 2022



In the year 2000 he was the founder of the IGU Commission “Global Change and Human Mobility” (Globility) that he chaired until 2012. The visionary scientist that he was, had foreseen the changes globalization was going to introduce in the world societies and the impacts on what he chose to define as “human mobility”. He was imagining the world crossed by increasingly important flows of people of varying nature, duration, frequency, and intensity. And those flows reinforcing the globalization processes.

During the last pandemic, he could observe the resulting im-mobility due to an external shock and felt the need to rethink and update the concept of “human mobility”. But time was too short.
The Globility community has lost a pioneering and visionary scientist, able to anticipate phenomena with his intuitions and to grasp the profound meaning of the realities he studied. A leader able to create networks and synergies, to guide complex processes, and to produce innovative results.

His countless publications are available through the webpage and will continue to inspire new generations of geographers.


Josefina Domínguez-Mujica, Chair of the “Global change and human mobility” Commission and Barbara
Staniscia, Scientific Secretary of the “Global change and human mobility” Commission