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Meetings - GLOBILITY



7th EUGEO Congress - Galway, May 15-18, 2019, National University of Ireland (NUI Galway) 

  The European Association of Geographical Societies -EUGEO- in conjunction with the 51st Conference of Irish Geographers organizes the 7th EUGEO Congress, to be held in Galway City (Ireland) from May 15-18, 2019 
The theme for the 2019 conference is "Re-Imagining Europe's Future Society and Landscapes". Within this framework, the Globility Commission organizes the sessions:
  1. BREXIT and human mobility. European scenarios
  2. International residential mobilities. New perspectives


The 2018 International Geographical Union Regional Conference in Québec, 6-10 August 2018 

The Canadian Association of Geographers in collaboration with the Université Laval will develop the 2018 International Geographical Union Regional Conference to be held in Canada from August 6 to 10, 2018. The Globility Commission organizes the next sessions:

  1. Highly-skilled migration and international student mobility: the steady links between education and labour market
  2. Migration, diasporas and development: the perspective of mobility and transnationalism
  3. Revisiting the nexus of tourism and migration. Bridging lifecycle of tourist destinations and life courses of tourists and labour migrants (in collaboration with the Commission on Geography of Tourism, Leisure and Global Change)
  4. Population Mobility in a context of Climate Change and its demographic consequences (in collaboration with the Commission on Geography of Population)



6th EUGEO Congress - Brussels, September 4-6, 2017, Palace of the Academies

At the initiative of the Horizon 2020 Ymobility program and in collaboration with it the Global Change and Human Mobility (Globility) Commission organizes the following session 

​T.S. 2.10. Youth mobility in Europe (Chairs Armando Montanari and Josefina Dominguez Mujica)


The Thematic Conference on ‘GEOGRAPHIES FOR PEACE’ 2017 IGU-UGI will be held in La Paz, Bolivia, on April 23-25, 2017

The Global Change and Human Mobility (Globility) Commission has organized the following session:

​1. The role of human mobility dealing with violence and conflicts.

For detailed information about the Thematic Conference, please visit the Call for Papers


The 33rd International Geographical Congress was hold in Beijing, P.R. China, on August 21-25, 2016

The Global Change and Human Mobility (Globility) Commission organized the following sessions:


Own sessions

1. Moving World, Moving Actors: Global Changes and Personal Challenges

2. Information, communication, new media, and human mobility

3. Development Safeguards, Forced Displacement and Resettlement - Inside China and Going Out

4. Youth Mobility. An Emerging Phenomenon at the Global Scale


Joint sessions

1. C12.17 Global Change and Human Mobility & C12. 34 Population Geography 

Demographic Sources and Methodologies to Study Human Mobility


2. C12.39 Urban Geography & C12.17 Global Change and Human Mobility

Human Mobility and Urban Vulnerabilities


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