Veganic Growing

What Can We Do?

Support organic methods over chemical methods in order to avoid some of its harmful effects on wildlife, people, and the environment. Contact your organic food growers to see if they are using animal products as fertilizer. if they are, then let them know that you as a consumer want to support veganics. If you have […]

Average Analysis Of Vegan Gardening Amendments

Veganic Amendment Average Analysis N-P-K Primary Benefit Alfalfa meal 5-1-2 Organic matter Coffee grounds 2-0.3-0.2 Nitrogen Compost (dry-commercial) 1-1-1 Organic matter Compost (homemade) 0.5-0.5-0.5 to 4-4-4 Organic matter Cottonseed meal 6-2-1 Nitrogen Grass clippings (green) 0.5-0.2-0.5 Organic matter Greensand 0-0-7 Potash and trace mineral Kelp meal 1.5-0.5-2.5 Potash and trace mineral Peat moss 2-0.3-0.3 Organic […]

Should I Compost Even If I Don’t Have a Garden?

Take a peek inside the average American’s kitchen garbage, pail and you will probably see “food scraps” such as wilted lettuce, banana peels, and leftovers. These items consist of organic materials which would be valuable if given back to the Earth. Composting is nature’s recycling system and enables nutrients and organic matter from plants to […]

The Khadighar Farm

Will Bonsall and Molly Thorkildsen have ow operated the Khadighar Farm near Farmington, Maine for the past 25 years, using veganic methods for the past 20 years. They prefer veganics because of the inefficiency and waste associated with relying on manure that comes from animals high on the food chain. They are striving for self-sufficiency […]

A Good Compost Is At The Heart Of Veganics

Healthy soil is full of living microorganisms which must be nourished and replaced in order to sustain our food supply; adding compost does both. Compost consists of decomposed plants reduced to their elemental ingredients by billions of soil organisms. The resulting spongy, moist substance is called humus, and this is the lifeblood of productive soil. […]

Is It Time For A Plant-Based Agriculture?

The compost piles and growing beds on Wilt Bonsall’s farm might lead one to believe that he is an organic farmer. However, careful observation would reveal not only an absence of bags of chemical fertilizer, but also containers of bone meal (ground-up bones) and dried blood. Nor will you find a pile of animal manure […]