Vegan Nutrition

Nutrition Matters: Vegan Toddlers: How to Ensure Healthy Growth

When it comes to vegan infants and toddlers, every runny nose is scrutinized. Many people believe that little ones require animal products to grow and develop properly. If an infant or toddler fails to thrive on a vegan diet, health practitioners, family and friends are quick to say, “I told you so.” If you are […]

Nutrition Matters: Six Stumbling Blocks and How to Avoid Them

Vegetarians enjoy some impressive health advantages, including reduced risk of chronic diseases, particularly heart disease and type 2 diabetes, less overweight and obesity, and greater longevity. However, becoming vegetarian does not guarantee a healthful diet. It is entirely possible to completely blow it on a vegetarian diet. After all, chips and soda are generally 100 […]

To D or Not to D?

Vitamin D has become the new superstar of the vitamin world. It was not so very long ago that vitamin D was associated only with bone health and the prevention of rickets and osteoporosis. Over the past decade, the evidence that vitamin D plays a far greater role in health, has escalated. Research suggests that […]