Diet Myths

The Zone Diet

With more than six million copies sold, Barry Sears’ book, Enter the Zone, seems to have struck a resonant chord with Americans. It’s no wonder, considering the Zone’s promises: permanent weight toss, increased energy, and improved athletic performance. These can be yours by eating more protein and fat, and, miraculously, without calorie restriction! Are these […]

Atkins Diet: A Smorgasbord of Risks

“The Atkins Diet works,” began a favorite letter complaining about an anti-Atkins article in my local paper, “I’ve successfully used it to attain my ideal weight six times!” This was said with a straight face. Once again, no one is arguing with Atkins that short-term weight loss can’t be achieved by eating his prescribed ratio […]

Atkins Proponents Big Fat Omissions

Back in 2002, when The New York Times was still the most respectable American newspaper imaginable, its magazine section ran a piece by Gary Taubes with the headline “What if it’s All a Big Fat Lie?” and people around the nation, journalists, scientists, and the everyday public alike, rushed to reconsider their notions of fat […]